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SeaHorse Classic Finger Lakes Series SlingSet Kayak Condo Kayak Tilt

Finger Lakes Series

This group of racks is a blend of the best features of our best sellers. The series is based on our wall-mounted Kayak Tilt, and Kayak Condos, but this time they're mounted to a freestanding frame similar to ones in the Classic system. These all wood beautifully constructed racks gently cradle your boats, and they're economical too.

It comes partially assembled making it easy to do the rest of the assembly at home. Just four bolts and it's done, yet it has the strength to stand firm. Your boat will rest on soft webbing which will last for many years, and protect your boat from scratches and dents. Each rack is made of baltic birch, ash, soft 2" wide webbing, and stainless steel hardware. The system measures 60" tall x 60" wide x 30" deep. Not recommended for outdoor use.

The Finger Lakes Series racks can be upgraded to include a paddle rack, and up to two bike racks. We'll be adding more accessories in the future, so stop back and see what's new.

The Cayuga is the first in the Finger Lakes Series. Itís a freestanding system capable of holding two kayaks, each weighing up to 100 pounds. The brackets are designed to gently cradle your boat on its side. Kayaks of any width fit comfortably on these brackets - sit-on-tops, recreational, touring, and whitewater. Measures 60" tall x 60" wide x 30" deep.
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This is the Owasco Kayak Storage System for 3 boats. The freestanding system cradles two narrow boats plus another one of any width. Kayaks up to 28 inches fit best on the top bracket. Boats that are 28 inches or less are able to fit on any of the brackets. 2" wide nylon webbing keeps your boats from resting on anything hard. The webbing conforms to the shape of your boat which prevents dents and scratches. Measures 60" x 60" x 30".
Order Paddle Rack $356.95 Order Now
Finger Lakes Bike Rack
Our Finger Lakes Series rack can also hold up to two bikes. Made of baltic birch, firm neoprene padding, and stainless steel hardware. Very easy to install. It can be placed at just about any height on the vertical post of the frame. Each kit holds one bike. Note: Foot Extension Kit recommended (see below).
Order Paddle Rack $19.95 Order Now
Finger Lakes Paddle Rack
Add this Paddle Rack to the back side of your Finger Lakes Series rack. It holds 3 paddles. Installation is really easy (requires about 30 seconds, and 0 tools!). Just slip the brackets over the top beam and it's done. The tight fit keeps them from sliding around. Note: Foot Extension Kit recommended (see below).
Order Paddle Rack $26.95 Order Now
Finger Lakes Foot Extension Kit
If you are going to store more toys on the back side of your rack, you'll need this foot extension. They slip onto the back side of each foot and create a firm and secure stance for the whole frame. The kit comes with two (2) extensions, one for each foot.
Order Paddle Rack $9.95 Order Now
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