Stand Upside DOWN Paddleboarding & Other Uses of an SUP

SUP Is Great For “Hiking,” Racing, Fishing, and Fitness!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already experienced (or at least heard of) Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Larger and heavier than its surfboard relatives, the SUP is praised by many for turning a trip on the water into an aquatic hike, a competitive race, a chance to fish, a fun activity to share with kids (or pets), and an incredibly refreshing way to workout. The way it combines lower body balancing with upper body paddling creates an intensely favorable fitness routine. However, traditional Stand-Up Paddleboarding isn’t the only fitness benefit this water activity offers.

And Don’t Forget Yoga!

Yogis are excited to test these boards out with all their yoga practices! As one of our dealers puts it: “SUP yoga [is] the perfect blend of balance, sunshine and the relaxation that comes from being on the water” ( While SUP yoga may require the flat waters of a still morning, it’s worth the wait because of how it amplifies the yoga experience. The ebb and flow of water rocking your board makes positioning a stance that much more challenging. SUP yoga increases strength for balancing as well as all the other benefits of yoga. You can also get a great tan while stretching under the sun. And, if you get too much sun, you can always “accidentally” lose your balance to take a refreshing dip in the water. 

A Board so Diverse Ought to Have a Sweet Storage Rack

Clearly the SUP is remarkably versatile, which is what makes it an outdoor toy we love to support! That’s why we’ll close this post by sharing a little about our SUP storage rack. The Hangout supports +100 pounds of 1-3 SUPs, surfboards, or windsurfers. Besides

The Hangout SUP Storage Rack

being handmade in America with the highest quality of gorgeous lumber, one of the best features of our Hangout SUP rack is the webbing. Whether you’re using your board for scenic paddling, racing, or yoga, our trademark 2″-wide webbing will keep your SUP stored safely after the end of your water venture. It lets you slide your board in the sling without ever causing a scratch or dent. Let Talic join you in celebrating the exciting possibilities of the SUP! Click the image to order your Hangout.

Okay, Now Let’s Review:

1. SUP is awesome for FUN & FITNESS
2. Yoga BOOMS on the SUP
Thus: Your SUP ought to be displayed on a high-quality SUP storage rack

Are Fatbikes TOO FAT for Our Bike Storage Rack?

Got Cabin Fever?

If you’re a diehard cycler, no doubt FATBIKES are keeping you on the trails this winter. Fatbikes are a perfect cure for cabin fever, and that’s why we want to share a little about how our bike storage rack is the BEST way to keep your fatbike ready for a ride through the tundra.

They’re Fat, but Not Too Fat

Fatbikes, or fat tire bikes, are known for their comically wide wheels (≈3.7–4.8 inches) and low air pressure (≤10 psi). As a result, fatbikes end up weighing anywhere from a little under 30 pounds to a little over 40 pounds. While this design adds a stockiness to the bicycle, it doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of our wall mount bike storage rack. Since our rack has a maximum reach of 12.75 inches, a fatbike’s top tube will rest about 11 inches away from the wall – leaving enough room for those chunky tires to hang without scraping your wall. Also, our bike storage rack can handle bikes that weigh up to 45 pounds, which is sure to manage nearly any fatbike since even the heaviest models don’t tend to exceed 40 pounds. Sure, fatbikes are a bit bulkier than others, but that won’t stop you from being able to display it on your wall.

Our Bike Storage Rack Keeps Your Fatbike Looking Beautiful

After you’re done plunging through mountains, snow, or sand, our bike storage rack will be ready to display and protect your fatbike. Our birch plywood offers a clean and polished look to the rack that makes it a visually flawless platform. The rack’s neoprene cushions prevent your fatbike from getting scratches; that, and the 2.75 inches of cradle space will keep your fatbike stored securely in excellent condition. The reason the cradle is so long is so it can fit the many bikes that have top tubes that are 2 inches or more in diameter. And there you have it, fatbikes aren’t TOO FAT for our bike storage rack.

Order your bike storage rack for $57.95 TODAY!

Why Winter DOESN’T Suck: 3 Ways Skiing Helps You Love Winter

Winter brings the perfect atmosphere for ADVENTURE. How? You never know if your car is going to make it from Point A to Point B! Just teasing.

The kinds of adventures we want to have must be FUN, EXCITING, and bring us to new levels of EXPLORATION. Sliding down icy roads inside heavy metallic machines doesn’t always give off the RIGHT kind of excitement. But another form of sliding down ice does: SKIING!

There are plenty of opportunities to embark on new adventures during the winter. Last month we discussed how fatbike cycling is one of those options. This month, we’ll slide into skiing. Below are three ways SKIING can help you LOVE WINTER:

1. Bundle up like a Kid

Remember playing in snow as a kid? Why is it that when we become adults we forget the joy and wonder of winter play? Maybe it’s as simple as forgetting to bundle up like a kid. Grab a pair of thermal wear, comfortable sweat pants, snow pants, and layers of shirts and sweatshirts. Top it all off with a resilient ski jacket, winter cap, ski goggles (depending on sun), and even a balaclava for good measure. As a final touch, purchase a package of hand and toe warmers to stuff into your gloves and boots. Being warm and comfortable will amp you up for adventure on the snow and ice.

2. Learn from Other Skiers

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced skier, there’s always something to learn from others. Take a ski lesson, or have a more experienced friend walk you through everything from the basics of sidestepping up a hill, to an appropriate downslope stance, to slowing down using the “pizza” method, to learning how to control traveling down a slope. Everyone is at a different skill level. Skiing and talking with others will help you advance, and it’s always fun learning something new.

3. Embrace the Surroundings

Now that you’re bundled, warm, and learned a few new things, it’s time to simply embrace the beauty of the slopes. There’s something majestic and awe-inspiring about mountains and hills that lifts our eyes to the sky. The best part about skiing is that it doesn’t stop at SIGHTSEEING; you get to INTERACT with the beautiful landscape! Take a ride up the Lift and watch skiers and evergreens drop below your boots. Watch snow cannons blast cloudlike mists throughout the air. Breathe in the fresh, chilled air right before you take off down the mountainside. Listen to the laughs and screams of other skiers sliding down beside you. The mountains make a perfect setting for a winter adventure.

“I Love Skiing! But What’s Next?”

Ski Storage Rack

What’s next after learning to love winter and all the adventure it brings? You may notice that developing a love for skiing causes you to have quite a storage problem. That’s where our ski storage rack comes in. You don’t have to stuff your skis and poles in the closet or shove them off in another room. Our ski storage rack beautifully displays 2 pairs of skis and poles on a birch and ash wood wall mount that’s built to hold alpine, cross country, or even racing ski equipment.

Order your ski storage rack for $52.95 TODAY!

3 Ways to Enjoy Bike Riding in the Winter

In an effort to continue our (unofficial) theme this winter, we’re going to share more tips on HOW TO LOVE WINTER. An added bonus is that this month won’t require mountain slopes, like last month’s SKI TIPS. This month’s tips will get you excited about WINTER BIKE RIDING! How is it possible to be excited about biking in the snow and freezing cold temperatures? Take a look at our tips below!

1. Get a Fatbike & Accessories

The wide and stocky, low air pressure FATBIKE is rising in popularity. Why? Because it’s extending the bike riding season all year round! While riding a fatbike is slower (similar to mountain biking) than the fast-paced street cycling, it brings SATISFYING ADVENTURE to those hungering for activity during typically dormant months. It’s thrilling to see where these bikes can take you! To get the most out of a fatbike, it’s best to bundle up so you can ride without windchill harassment. Here are some accessory ideas:

  • Winter cap
  • Balaclava (facemask)
  • Pogies (mitts that’ll insulate your hands & bar handles)
  • Gaiters (like outdoor leggings that protect footwear from snow & cold)
  • Reflective gear (including flashing lights for visibility during dark winter days)

2. Ride a Fatbike to Work

Why give up the warmth of your car for a snowy bike ride to work? A city resident was quoted in the Democrat and Chronicle: “When I ride my bike to work I smell the bakery, or go past the yard sale and stop on a whim. I find a little shop I never noticed before, or I go down the bike path by the river.” Imagine all the SIGHTS, SOUNDS, and SMELLS you’re missing when you’re not riding your bike to work! Maybe you just appreciate the joys of bike riding to work during the summer. Well, fatbiking to work in the winter has potential to be even more adventurous. You can explore trails, and offroads that might give you a different route to work. You can enjoy the beauty of a fresh fallen snow in the woods before you begin the daily grind.

3. Join a Fatbike Race

Search to find one of the hundreds of local fatbike races being held these months. Entering a fatbike race is sure to get you excited about bike riding in the snow! Most races include a one hour circuit around lovely-looking, iced-over parks, ponds, and hiking paths. While coordinators usually rule out bikes with tire widths below 3.5”, these races generally include an OPEN RACE after the main race so any cycler can join the fun. These races are excellent for building a winter biking COMMUNITY as well as helping local bike shop businesses receive awareness. Here are some things you might experience at a fatbike race:

  • Live race results (including: lap times, distance, speed, etc.)
  • On-course photography
  • Groomed, rider-friendly terrain
  • Heated lodging
  • Food & drinks
  • Prizes

After your first fatbike race, hang an awesome photo of your time in the race right next to a Talic bike storage rack that’ll display your fatbike like a TROPHY. Then get back outside for MORE ADVENTURE!

Invite Adventure Indoors with Talic’s New Home Storage System

woodlands home page.jpg

Do you love sports? Then your sports equipment probably looks more like works of art that need to be showcased, instead of stored away somewhere. The Talic Woodlands Modular System was designed to help you do just that. It’s your excuse to live with your passion like never before.

The beauty and multi-use of Talic’s BRAND NEW Woodlands System is specifically designed for home storage. The Woodlands add color to your blank wall and bring the personality of your active life with you when it’s time to head indoors. Here’s how they work:

The Rails

This is where it all begins! The vertical rail is the base for all your Woodlands accessories. Made of premium ash wood, our standard 60” long vertical rail mounts to your wall to flexibly arrange our new line of shelving. Depending on whether you’re looking to hang a decorative shelf, outdoor sports equipment, or clothing racks, you might choose one or more vertical rails.

Order your vertical rail for $19.95→

Shelving Accessories

After you laid the foundation with our mounted rails, you’re ready to attach the shelving. Choose from a wide selection of shelving accessories – from various types of boats and boards, to fishing equipment, to shelves for decorative items, and even clothing racks! Explore the option you’re looking for:

Starter Kits

If you’re not sure how best to arrange your new home storage display, try one of our Woodlands Starter Kits! Our starter kits make selecting the right shelving accessories easier by bundling the brackets you need to best display your water toys (sorry, no starter kits for clothing or decor shelves yet). Our expert grouping of the rail and bracket system saves you time in getting your interior display up and running.

Don’t let that blank wall stare its bald face at you any longer; explore our Woodlands Home Storage System and invite your adventures INDOORS!

Talic Rack Prevents Roof, Snow & Tree from Destroying Garage Valuables

Good morning Tim,

I was on your site last night ordering some new products, reading some of the recent customer feedback and noticed all the nice photos of your products. Here is a slightly different product testing photo.

During the… snow storm that caused damage and power outage to much of New York and New England, we lost our garage. A huge limb from a silver maple landed on the garage.  Inside our garage, like many other folks, are my toys i.e. kayaks. Probably 9+ yrs ago I ordered 3 Talic stud mount racks. Attached, is a photo of a Talic rack and squirt boat supporting the garage roof, snow & tree. You can see the joist separated from the roof and split, resting on the squirt boat. If the Talic rack had failed under the weight of the snow and tree, the garage roof would have collapsed onto our car, a motorcycle and many other items. It held strong! There was minor damage to the racks and no damage to the squirt boat. The webbing plugs popped out during the stress, probably allowing some give during the event.

The garage was beyond repair, it had to be knocked down to the ground and rebuilt. My original 3 racks are back up and away from trees. ;o)

THANK YOU for an AWESOME product.

Have a great day.
Tim B. of West Warren, MA

Bike Commuting: Own It, Love It, Propel It

Struggling to be a consistent bike commuter?

In honor of the coming Bike to Work Day 2015 (May 15th – mark your calendars), we decided to share some ideas to help you and your friends – not only bike more – but develop a biking lifestyle. After all, the richness of biking makes you feel better physically, emotionally, aesthetically and adds more to your life than other commuting options. Here are 3 tips to develop a bike commuting lifestyle:

1. Own It: Make biking your ONLY option

When it comes to a cold, windy, or rainy day, bike commuting pales in comparison to the comfort of driving to work. That comfort will always be there so long as you allow it to be an option. But if you really want to develop a bike commuting habit, you need to cut off your comforts. Set your helmet on the table, pack your waterproof messenger bag with needed supplies, and rid yourself of all other options:

  • Store your car keys in jello
  • Hide your metrorail pass at your inlaws’

2. Love It: Count the beauties of biking

One flaw to making biking your only option is it has potential to cause you to HATE what you’re doing. You might associate cycling with misery when cold wind whips at your ears, or when rain soaks your pants. Fight those negative associations; count the positives you notice while cycling. Here are some things to think about on your bike commute:

  • Notice the ever-changing sights, sounds & smells of your route
  • Concentrate on the muscles you’re exercising & making stronger
  • Hear & feel your heart rejoicing during this great cardiovascular workout
  • Consider how hardcore you are for biking rain/shine – not even WEATHER can stop you!

3. Propel It: Become fully biking-optimized

Living in an apartment complex without a bike rack? This can make having your bike ready for the commute slightly more difficult. However, our new Woodlands bike hanger allows you to customize your own storage setup indoors. It can lift your bike up and out of the way horizontally, or vertically to save space. You could also customize the system to hang one tire and keep another tire on the floor so that it’s ready to go when you are. If you find the options of our Woodlands bike hanger to be a little over the top for your needs, our classic bike storage rack creates a more economical, but still really peachy way to store your cycle. Either way, having a beautiful place to store your bike in-between commutes will continue to prompt you with excitement for your next cycling adventure!