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Talic Kayak Tilt

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Talic Kayak Tilt – Indoor Kayak Storage

Designed to cradle sit-on-tops and boats of all widths. Made of Baltic Birch, Ash verticals, Stainless Steel hadware and thick 2 inch wide webbing. The Kayak Tilt garage kayak storage rack mounts to any interior wall. Space efficient brackets fold up and out of the way when not in use. Be sure to see the measuring chart below. Not all boats fit nicely into this rack. Not recommended for outdoor use. Note: Paddle rack is not included.

Brackets measure:

17″ tall x 17″ deep when in use.

21″ tall x 6.5″deep when folded up.

Made in the USA

The Complete Package
Everything you need; professionally finished wood parts, plus hardware and webbing. 

This Do It Yourself Kit is essentially identical to our production model. It comes with all the stainless steel hardware and 2 inch wide webbing that you’ll need, plus you get a set of full scale drawings and easy to understand directions which means it’s really easy to get great results. All the measurements are in both inches and metric. If you are handy with power tools then this is the way to go. The completed kit will hold one boat. Wood is NOT included in this kit.

How to Measure Your Boat.

Measure 3 feet out from the center of your boat in both directions.

For the Kayak Tilt garage kayak storage rack, your boat should be 12 in. or less at point B

These dimensions are not absolute. The shape of your boat is a factor which we can not account for. If you have any questions please give us a call.

The posts of the Kayak Tilt are not restricted to a 6 foot separation.
Use the chart shown here to determine how far apart yours should be.
These dimensions are approximate. Your results may vary.


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