Woodlands Starter Kit 1 -Tilt Boat & Paddle Storage


Woodlands Starter Kit 1 -Tilt Boat & Paddle Storage

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Product Description

Holds 2 kayaks (wide or narrow)

Holds 5 paddles

Two 60” long rails

Holds boats on their sides

Leaves more room to open your car door

The kit consists of:

2 Each W1300 60″ Woodlands Wall Standard Rails

2 Sets W2000 Tilt Cradle

2 Each W3001 5 Paddle Horizontal Rack

Made in the USA


These are the parts that make up Stater Kit 1

How to measure your boat.

Measure 3 feet out from the center of your boat in both directions.

Your boat should be 12 in. or less at point B

These dimensions are not absolute. The shape of your boat is a factor which we can not account for. If you have any questions please give us a call.

The Woodlands posts are not restricted to a 6 foot separation.
Use the chart shown here to determine how far apart yours should be.
These dimensions are approximate. Your results may vary.


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