Q: Can these racks be used outdoors?
A: The Bayside is designed for outdoor use. All of our wooden racks can also be used outdoors, but be sure it is either under some type of covering (i.e. roof overhang or tarp) or finished with a good deck seal which will need to be reapplied each year.

Q: How much weight can my storage system hold?
A: All of the Talic systems can hold boats that are 100 pounds or less. Each boat can be 100 pounds.

Q: The system that I’m interested in holds 1-7 boats. Does that mean each boat can be 100 pounds?
A: Yes.

Q: If I take all the boats off my freestanding frame except the top boat, will it tip over?
A: No. The frame is designed to keep all the weight of your boats in the center of the frame’s feet, which means it is very stable.

Q: What will happen if someone accidentally bumps into my freestanding frame while it is loaded with boats?
A: All our frames are deep and wide enough so that it would take much more than a bump to tip any of them over.

Q: Will my boat get scratched or dented?
A: No. The soft webbing protects each of your boats by conforming to its individual shape and dispersing the weight across a large area.

Q: Should I store my boat upside-down or right-side-up?
A: For canoes and kayaks, either way works because the webbing conforms to any shape and the pressure from the boat is dispersed all across that area.

Q: If I don’t like it, can I send it back?
A: Yes. We have a 30-day product money back guarantee.

Q: How tall is the 21 inch SeaHorse?
A: It stands 21 inches tall, so your boat will be 21 inches off the ground.

Q: How tall is the 31 inch SeaHorse?
A: It stands 31 inches tall, so your boat will be 31 inches off the ground.

Q: Should I get the 21” or 31” SeaHorse?
A: Shorter people tend to get the shorter one and taller people usually get a 31” SeaHorse. The 21” SeaHorse makes a good storage height and the 31” makes a good working height. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Q: How small is the SeaHorse when it is folded up?
A: Each of them collapses into a 3” diameter column and weighs only two pounds.

Q: Is the SeaHorse stable?
A: Yes. It is stable on many kinds of terrain, like uneven floors, pebble beaches, grassy fields. They make a great workstation because they are strong and stable.

Q: Is the SeaHorse adjustable?
A: No. They come in only two heights. 21” and 31”.

Q: How does the SlingSet work?
A: There is a semi-rigid stainless steel bridge that holds the loop open while you slide the bow of your boat into it. You can rest the front end of your boat in that loop while you hook the other loop around the stern of your boat.

Q: How far apart do the SlingSets have to be?
A: Generally 6 feet works well. But they do need to be bolted to a stud or similar structure.