Talic Kayak Condo – Wall Mounted Storage for Kayaks


Talic Kayak Condo – Wall Mounted Storage for Kayaks

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Product Description

The Talic Kayak Condo – Wall Mounted Storage for Kayaks is convenient, accommodating, and best of all, affordable! The very thick and soft 2 inch wide webbing conforms to the shape of your boat which means there won’t be any pressure points to dent or scratch your boat. You can look forward to years of maintenance free storage. All your kayaks will rest comfortably, sure to be in excellent condition and ready for yet another day’s adventure… or leisure.

There are three models to choose from and each one is strong enough to hold boats that are 100 pounds each. Kayak Condo 3 can hold three boats each weighing 100 pounds – now that’s strong! Recommended for kayaks under 100 pounds, and about 29 inches wide or less. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Easy to install, easy to use. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your boats will have the best rest available, and at such a great price.

If you plan to mount the Kayak Condo onto a masonry wall you will need to purchase a Masonry Wall Mounting Kit.

How to Measure Your Boat.

Measure 3 feet out from the center of your boat in both directions.

Kayak Condo Wall Mounted Storage for Kayaks, 22 in. or less at point A

These dimensions are not absolute. The shape of your boat is a factor which
we can not account for. If you have any questions please give us a call.

The posts of the Kayak Condo are not restricted to a 6 foot separation.
Use the chart below to determine how far apart yours should be.
These dimensions are approximate. Your results may vary.

How to sand a Talic Kayak Condo in 30 seconds.

In reality it takes considerably longer than 30 seconds, but here’s a glimpse into how we sand each and every part we produce. Some of it is done by a robot and then it’s finished by hand to be sure we’ve removed every sliver and rough spot.