Triple Bunk – kayak, canoe storage rack


Triple Bunk – kayak, canoe storage rack

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Product Description

This is a great option for three canoes or wide kayaks. Three of our Saranac Brackets are organized onto a 5 foot (152 cm) tall frame to produce this complete system able to accommodate canoes and wide kayaks. As always, your boats rest comfortably on our 2 inch (50 mm) wide webbing reducing any chance of more dents and scratches. The Talic Triple Bunk kayak and canoe storage rack comes with everything needed to store three boats. The entire system is handsomely crafted from solid Southern Yellow Pine and high grade Birch laminate. Recommended for indoor use only. If you are interested in a system for outdoors or next to the lake, check out the Bayside Outdoor Storage System.

  • 60″ tall x 72″ wide x 40″ deep
    152 mm x 182 mm x 100 mm
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Southern Yellow Pine and Birch woods.
  • Cushy 2 inch wide webbing.
  • Casters are available.

How to Measure Your Boat.

Measure 3 feet out from the center of
your boat in both directions.

For the Triple Bunk kayak and canoe storage rack,  your boats should be 33 in. or less at point A

These dimensions are not absolute.
The shape of your boat is a factor which
we can not account for. If you have any
questions please give us a call at (800) 843-3307.