Talic SeaHorse – Portable Kayak Stand


Talic SeaHorse – Portable Kayak Stand

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Product Description

The Talic SeaHorse kayak stand is a portable storage solution for kayaks, canoes and rowing shells. Our most unique creation folds easily into a column just 3 inches in diameter and comes with a plastic bundler that keeps it neatly together. Release the bundler and the SeaHorse springs open for use.

The self-leveling feature adjusts the SeaHorse to uneven terrain, stony beaches, grass fields, no more wobbling. It’s made of aircraft aluminum with a satin anodized finish so it’s lightweight and saltwater-resistant. They will not corrode. The innovative design is patented. Read what people are saying about the Talic SeaHorse at paddling.net.

The Talic SeaHorse is a great option for boat maintanance and long term storage at home, indoors or out and holds boats up to 80 pounds. Two heights to choose from 21″ and 31″. The taller 31″ SeaHorse kayak stand brings your boat up to about your waist, while the 21″ SeaHorse is more around your knees. These are sold in sets of two.

A few good reasons to keep kayaks and rowing shells off the ground are; general boat maintenance, easing the washing and drying process, raising them to a working height to relieve stress on your back, reducing the chances for animals and insects to hibernate in them, and creating more storage space beneath the boat.

If you plan to leave your boat outside, please be sure to turn it upside down to keep the leaves and rain from collecting in the boat. A dust cover is also recommended.

Made in the USA

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